Sunday, January 23, 2011

i'm gonna write a lot now......

i never ever dreamed or even wondered about me myself in search for someone,, among the everyone who would agree for a position in one of the positions which even i myself have never ever dreamed of holding it...... understood??????

well,,,based on my experience,,, i found that,, it's hard to find someone who would agree to hold even a responsibility,, adhering to the laws and collaborating with one of the organisation which,, i would say 'an organisation who work for the administration and could never be escaped from being hated even for something which is for sure not their own fault' arasto??? haha....

maybe,,in my place,, the responsibility that i am for the time being carrying on is under the discipline bureau,, so therefore,, they were kind of scared of not being able to make themselves an acceptable person in order to hold the position,even for the 'AJK'..and for sure if i say i want them to work with me,,under my bureau,,with the JPP,,,,,,,,for goodness sake,, who will risk themselves for that??! they'd rather turn down the proposal and happily enjoy their particular state of living here in IPGKKB........what a pathetic......huh~(i think,, i would also do the same thing if i were in their shoes at that particular time) but it's not wrong being a considerable person and tolerable, far-sighted and a brilliant thinker and daring person for accepting the offer right???? just give yourself a try wouldn't you!?!

what the heck! making noise all of sudden passing by my room!! there you go,,, a big 'SHHH' for you! stupid dumb2!!

okay,,i'm being emotional..

luckily,,,there's three persons who willingly accepted my proposal,, and i hope,, they'll work their best for the bureau and at the same time,,being a good member of the JPP....but,,can i work with them? i have this weird symptom,, of having a slight,,oh not slight,, a terrible feeling while being among the gooody gooodd person......i'm kinda shy and feeling down to earth,,and i dunno why,,worthless.. don't ask me.... but it just simply comes...and not that easily goes off... what the heck.. but please,,, don't misunderstand me,, I'm undeniably,,straight! meaning,, i'm not that kind of person whom is the....u know who........n how.... hahaha...

I'm glad that my best friend today,, received the ANUGERAH DEKAN while he's studying in UPSI.....i think,,i should be proud of him.. ..and i just couldn't help not to make him as my new idol..Mr Idol.. haha........'lucu la kau naik pentas pun ketakutan macam budak2.." and that for sure happened to me too,,,, just a few days ago,,even this morning too while the introducing-the-jppians thingy at the hall..

to someone,,, why are you being so weird???? why can't you just live your life here like others do?? you can't blame the fate,,and if you do so,,,,,don't you realise that you are being terribly stubborn as a human? the God's creation?? oh please,,, if only u can make me understand,, i wouldn't have been wondering and if i am not wondering,,i'm not remembering you and if i could be able to do so,,,life would be such a great thing for me,, least..for the time being....y must we be destined to know each other?? maybe,, i shouldn't write this,,but knowing you is the thing i regret the most.....until now........sorry..(-I-)~

no hakunamatata today......tomorrow's gonna be quite a hectic strong!
you can do it!!

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