Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The sEnse Of BelonGing..

trying to be frank about this important matter of life.. the sense, invisible, senseless, yet powerful..trust me,, u can;t live without this sense!

when smb ask me whether i like my hostel or not,, certainly with no doubt, my answer would be a big "NO"! and when the next ques is about how's my life there, i'll answer " GREAT!" sometimes, there are these things that we can't really xplain but, it exists~ like a gust of wind,, we can't xplain how it really is,, the structure,, the colour, but it exists right??

i'm a lady who has such a great sense of belonging...oh no,, what on earth am i bragging about??
actually...it's like this..

1) i don't create the snse of blnging on the place but,, it falls on the people at that particular places..i'll never love the place where i am at that particular time but, i sure will have someone,,who'll be the reason why i have to stand firmly on that place... someone whom,, when i am with,, i am really very pleased and i don't feel awkward, even a single thing,,easy said.....i am with myself... haha....is it hard to understand so?

2) next, when i'm done with that, i'll be able to travel,,cewaaah,,, to get out of the box,, which means that,, i can do whatever that make me pleased with my frens including to find the place to eat, spend time with and lots more...

3)second done,, than i'll arrange everything seen at that particular place, if it can be arranged like i want.. that make me feel home..haha..i'll assume everything positively..nice kan??

4)my late uncle said to me....find a keluarga angkat....well,,, i forgot to ask how,, but he seems quite insisting me to do so... insyaAllah,,,,i'll find one.....hopefully...

but,sometimes,,, i mistakenly understood this sense is actually love...isn't it so?? i dunno....

changing language*****

saje je tulis ni,,sebab semalam ak kene perah otak bile ak memikirkan cara nak nolong kawan yg asik bilang die puah sang,, agagaga....nnti,,kalu kene tanye lg,, ak rujuk sini jela nmpknyer,,haha....


  1. cheh..sape yg puah sang tu???
    nape aku cam tahu je....hehehehe

  2. haha,,sape?! kau takkan tau,,try teka.. haha

  3. az....chummm!!....