Tuesday, December 28, 2010


glancing through the photos, reading all the blogs just to see the title that others put before their name.."DR."

nothing,,but it kinda bringing all the despair,the sad moment, unfulfilled ambition, the wish, the beautiful imaginations, the target which i always firmly reminding myself "FUTURE D" and all the things which i held upon myself back then..

the moment, when i've to make a choice,, the risk if i choose the wrong path.. the disturbance, the challenge...but why? why must i feel like this... i've been given myself 3 whole semesters to reside this feelings, to accept the fate that i don't belong to the profession,,, i am a future teacher,,no doubt for that...(-L-)V

but the pictures,, the blogs,, others journey...they simply kind of breeding the dissatisfaction alive! it just did........

i can be a doctor of course,, but through a harder way... the opportunity held beyond, the generation that i'm going to teach, my parents relieved hearts, my present condition...

**Ya Allah,,,give me some strength...

next year,,my first year of learning as a real teacher... i am a future teacher what..
i managed to create a sense of hatred towards the hospital...well,, i know it's negative but,, it's a way not to create a sense of belonging towards that particular unfriendly nasty environment.. well,,,terrible right?! i am!!

so,, by doing so,, yes,, i did managed to pull the triggered sense of which might put me in despair again but,,, it's just a temporary feeling hopefully...coz we don't know what might befalling upon us later, in da future.....

so,,,upon finishing these few lines,, i am not going to brag anything about the specialties held within the medical profession..i'd rather stay quiet yet trying to be a great future teacher..

my lecturer once said...

" a doctor kills a patient,
but a teacher, kills a generation..."

so,,who kills the most? a teacher right? so... i am a teacher... i'm a great killer if i were to be a teacher rather than a doctor right? hahahahahaha~

no lar.... i'm not gonna kill a single generation..not even once! that's my promise..the saying also tells that, the profession as a teacher is far more important rather than a doctor..coz a doctor too was once thought by a teacher.......



  1. aha2..hear2..:)
    u can do it ..ur strong..strong girl dont cry..eh??~
    hehe..anyway, anyhow, ai sten ba yu!

  2. eh tapi??
    i want that pic la...huhu..;p

  3. the picture of ma uncle? hoho..i'll be really annoyed u no....hahaha...u mean it really??