Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the story of a nyctophobiac..

last night,, i was really why?

because, it was raining cats and dogs outside,, the lightning were flashing here and there, ther sound of thunder was heard almost every minutes and..............

there was this one moment, the thunder and lighting were as if arguing together, bolting and flashing their best in the sky, i feel that the hostel is almost being crashed down by them the same time..

leaving the hostel in darkness...blackout!

i was startled and wide awake all of sudden..i was really eyes were screening all around me but at the same time,, i still tried to shut it really tight so that i won't see anything in the small dark room..i leaned on the wall..the wall was cold... i was really scared!!!

i can see nothing in the dim light, my mind was thinking all sorts of things that might crawl from beneath my bed, knocking the door or the windows or even flying towards me! Ya Allah!!

i really wanted to cry,,i was really scared,, i think of nothing except for my IBU n AYAH..i was sweating, and my heart beat its fastest rate! i can do nothing except to pray for the light to fill our small room again....

so,, slowly,, i called my i saw her woke up,,maybe startled too because of the thunder..


"ye..lampu takde ke?"


"pukul berapa ni?"

trying very hard to look at the watch,, i answered..
(well, i can reach for my handphone on the table but i was so scared to get up..)


hani searched for her handphone...

"kul 1 daa"

then,,,,,silence filled the air....hani dozed off..

but i felt calm as i still have someone beside me..whom i can rely on when i am scared here in this small room in IPKB...but when i'm in the grave later on? surely it's gonna be really dark and there will be nobody sleeping beside me..i'm all alone,,,can i bear it???

ya Allah,,,may my small room in the grave later on be well-lit for me to sleep comfortably waiting for the DOom's Day...

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