Sunday, September 26, 2010

now i know....

now i know how is the feeling of havin' to put urself in the quarantine-mood..">

quite weird when i hafta stay in watching my roomate doin' her daily routine preparin' for the class......http://www.emocutez.comso,i purposely takin' my bath late so that i don't bother to go to class and havin' others infected with this unbearable disease...">

if only i go to the hospital, then i get warded,,it would be such a please for me..."> how's

the feeling of being warded?? i wonder.....

by the way,,

is there any need for me to go to the hosp?? dunno,,poor pa and ma are worrying too much for my cond..">

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  1. too many emoticons..showin' that i'm extremely bored.. haha