Sunday, September 26, 2010

LaNteRn FesTival..

suddenly i feel like writing....the thing that i will only do when i am bored!! but a writer shouldn't feel so rite?? he or she must like to write,, then only can b a writer...">

two nights b4,,my every-weekened-out-for-food friends and I went for a tour around the 2.4(but we only walk for 1.2 km) around the field joinin' the Chinese students for their "lantern festival"">

actually, i am not in such a good cond,,as my hands and feet were damned itchy!"> and it was such a very unfortunate nite for me as i didn't managed to go to the clinic for the treatment and what made me felt worst was when the clinic's door was closed just in front of my eyes the moment when we almost reached it!! oh my GOD!!">

well,, back to the story then...">

it was such a very delightful moment because, there's only 6 Malay students among a number of Chinese in the tour..actually, it wasn't as easy as we thought"> because, the lantern, if not taken into care, will not be able to be lighted and we have to change the little candle within the lantern for quite a few times before reaching the end of the tour..">

actually,,all were thinking the same thing..">i knew it, because, we simply were quite wondering whether what we are doin' at that moment were like pleasing their religion..therefore, we made a conclusion, that it was nothing wrong for us to join em and we're not worshiping their god of course!

so,, we asked the history of that activity and,,well,of course it has sth to do with their,,by knowing that, at the same time has given us a new knowledge and we tend to better-knowing the Chinese culture too.. so,, nothing's wrong wit dat rite??">

so,, that night was great! we took pictures and we saw burning lanterns,,we laughed and chatted among us in such a friendly way despite having different religion and beliefs...that tour also,, is quite similar to ours the moment when the youngsters used to walk together on their way back after the Quran-recitation class at night (passing the spooky tall trees)"> and the HARI RAYA celebration, where children were playing around with lights in their hands and touring around for the money-packet.. but nowadays, that is not the practise anymore...">

that's the,,actually,it's not good for us being prejudiced about other religions..">it's true that our religion is the only truth exists, but we have to respect theirs too,,like our prophet did..even the quran verse,,(surah al-kafirun) had told us evything..if we were to understand it with true heart and open minds..">so,, be open minded!

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  1. baru perasan,, sume emoticons mesti ade (">),,,there must be sth wrong i have to overcome! hahaha...i knew it!