Sunday, March 5, 2017


As expected.although it has been almost two months since he left us, slowly I realise he took away all the excitement that I have in life.

Another one I just came to realise is yesterday. I wasnt the first person chosen to go for a school trip, somewhere in Kl. Something came up and the teacher in charge wasn't able to join the trip resulting in myself turned in.

We went to the chocolate factory, Aquaria and Petrosains. Those were some places I'd been wanting to go previously.yeah.. but I just couldn't make it yet. Alhamdulillah, with this trip, I can say that all is checked.


I no longer have the excitement, I didnt take that much of pictures,I didn't laugh, I didn't really enjoyed the trip.


Reason being, I no longer have someone waiting excitedly for me to be back home with all things I bought and stories to tell.. it was a painful feeling and it wasn't exciting at all.. all I want to do is get back home doing nothing and and just nothing...

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