Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mood eg tukar

Its raining cats and dogs outside. It's chilling out there and in my heart too.

Today marks the last day of February, wasn't much of a change after those dark days we had through..

I'm currently thinking of transferring, outta this place and have a sip of the new environment elsewhere nearby my parents' house in Temerloh, reason being is that so I can take care of my mom while dad waiting for his pension early next year.

But... transferring wasn't that easy. I hafta find someone for the exchange. So, I am looking for someone who willingly can change school with me. I wonder where  can I find the right person...

P/s: Kekadang, kau kene persetankan semua objektif pengajaran dan fokus kepada apa yang sedang berlaku. Mungkin ada objektif tersirat yang sedang dicapai... siapa tahu??...

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