Saturday, August 23, 2014

Malaysia's Mourning Day...

yesterday was our Malaysia's Mourning day.. look carefully, it isn't spelled as morning, where we get to see sunshine and take a deep breathe of goodness in the fresh air.. it is the mourning, where people grieve and sadness overwhelmed over the deceased... the difference between mourning and the morning is just the presence of U and that makes the big difference~

i remembered my lecturer one said that "kita ni sekarang sedang dilanda musibah dari benda yang berada di langit..' i wondered why but he explained that since the MH 370, the dengue fever as well as the thing that we are mourning about, the MH 17, we are never at peace....

belum pun usai MH 370 yang hilang ntah kemana,
wad pula penuh dek kerana pesakit denggi yang tak henti berkunjung tiba
sekarang tragedi MH17 pula mengundang sebak di dalam dada..
(wah rhyme gituh~)

but yes, we are human, our heart are sometimes a real good absorbent and we tend to empathise things that happened around us.. and i like it that way, coz it shows that we are better than animals, we are not animals but the Israelis are, far worst that animals... (opps...) ni tak masuk topik harini~

may Allah help our Al-Qassam and bring victory upon the land of Palestine...amin..

but one thing i would like to note here...

although the people we mourned for, some of them are not even Muslims, some are not really an important figure, not even well known by all residents of Malaysia, we all feel sad for them, it was really a devastating and extremely shocking event where nobody ever get a glimpse of thought about it... BUT they are well honoured, Allah give them this honourable and respectful end of their journey of life towards hereafter, 


 i don't want to think any more complicated but for me, i think, there must be something very good in each one of them and our Lord have decided for them to get the honour from the whole world upon the incident that had happened.. there must be something done, something good, and that's the price paid for them...

it was a long journey home...

welcome back, 
from Allah we came, to Allah we shall return...

p/s: sesungguhnya setiap amalan walau sebesar zarah sekalipun, baik atau buruk, ada imbalannya di sisi Allah... (i shall start wondering how my journey would end)

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