Friday, January 3, 2014

new year, not so late post...

Trying to cherish this year a lot with all the same things that I have by my side, with still the same character of this me is quite a hard thing to do.. 


Is it necessary for me or for us to be new upon venturing the new year that we are in now?? 

Whatever it is, I learnt a new Chinese proverb that says 《if you have one foot in the past and another in the future, you will pee in the present》what the heck?? But I find it interesting somehow, because....I don't want to rationalize this here, you do the task urself. 

Sun shines through opened window, I have new neighbours and the air brings in a good smell of laundry done. I better get up now.

Got a new miracle to be done today....

P/s: trying to change the style

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