Tuesday, October 29, 2013

hunting the memory~

2 persons i need the most right now is Mr. Rosyaimi and Ms Nawar@Mawar... ohhhhhhhhh~ i hope i can summon the both of you right away~

well, trying hard to figure our the thing fossilized in your very brain is like hunting for shadow under the brightly lit sun...ohh,, i'm having  real hard time now and i feel like wanting to cry realising how bad is the result of learning for the need of examination rather than for the need of life... i come to know that i'm losing more portions of the things i've experienced and what bad comes to worst when all the following things i'm about to go through is related to what i'm losing...

ahh..and what worst from that is that, i'm getting frustrated...

learning language assessment brings me back to Additional maths and learning science only for the minor subject purpose brings me right back to learning Chemistry!! those are the two subjects that made me cried those days...



but, to my surprise, although i ought to try hard to figure out what i've learnt, things come in handy when all the terms used as well as the formulas seemed to be creepily-friendly enough that i can use them through all the questions asked.it is just that the implementation of the things might still be blurry. (like they used to anyway)

p/s: will be needing Mr. Rizal and Fatin Atiqah later on... ME CAN DO IT! OH YEAHH!!! (purposely using ME instead of I, grammatically wrong but personally correct!)

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