Tuesday, October 22, 2013

exam mood...ON!

presently, the best thing to do when you look outside the wide-open window, you see that the day is showering lightly, the breeze is cool, sipping a cup of hot tea and watch your bed lazily... ahhh...so good...

but wake up!
we have a paper to sit for the next coming thursday!!!
i'm yet preparing anything and as usual of myself, the fever of watching movies and dramas is coming and waving passionately at me, each and every day... curse you!

but this drama is different though, coz it burns my spirit of study like...waahhh!!!
(lucky enuff i managed to finish it just before the week of examination)


everybody has a dream right? talk about target, everybody has one, i'm pretty sure of that...and beause everybody has it, i'm sure everybody will work for it, and if everybody work for it, i'm quiet sure that the effort will gain you good.... such a very optimist thinking of me...

and that's about it...
the exam is just around the corner, find the spirit of study that you've lost not long time ago... shine bright like a diamond in the upcoming result!!

wishing myself all the best....lalala

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