Saturday, August 31, 2013

stop!! that hurts!!

geletek..wee..sape tak suke kene sila ngaku!

masa haku kecik2 dulu, slalu je kne geletek, besar2 ni, skli skala... tapi, masa kene geletek, memang rasa nak pecah jantung, perut rasa nak terburai, kaki dah start tunjal2.. perghh,, sensasi kene geletek memang satu perasaan yang tak dapat digambarkan..

skrg nih, aku suka geletek2 orang, adik2 aku sume kene geletek lebih kurang. and i prefer this one rather than ko sergah2 orang tak tentu pasal.. but still, in the sense of you are trying to 'bergurau' with people,, kan?

hmm,, relating to what i'm writing and to what i'm trying to record here is...

how much can you take if you are being tickled by sm1?
will you cry? will you give a real good kick on the face? will you scream? or will you just take it as it is?
i dunno what is it actually that takes place when you are being tickled, is it because of sensory confusion? is it because of too much receptors being activated at the same time that it brings you pain and unexplainable sensation? ahhh.... quite confusing this is...

and one thing i think might happen when too much of ticklings,, death...
same goes to being attacked with a sudden 'sergah'...coz what matters the most in this two activities is (i think) the heart....(the writer is not a doctor, pardon her when she's making a wrong assumption)

p/s: i dunno that tickling can make you cry....
sorry dear...


  1. jangan geletek kat public, susah nak cover haha sampai rasa nak sepak penggeletek tu wakaka.

  2. haha,, public tickling is like a NO NO to me.. lame tak gletek kau~ lalala