Wednesday, June 19, 2013

some freaking worldly matters...

everyone has got their results,
so am I..

people were eager asking one another about how much they get, what is the PMGT and how many A's and not,,, for whatever reasons they had in mind, i don't really favour of telling mine to others. Well, there are those people that i didn't like, those yang suka main cek2 result when they have the IC with them... well, yang nih,bukan sahaja tak mintak kebenaran, tapi jugak mencabul hak..wakakaka...aku tak tau ape aku cakap..berkecamuk otak bagai nak gila.


bila cakap pasal isu posting, ramai yang teruja, takut, dsb, aku tak terkecuali..
so, sbb tu, skrg, pointers has come to be the thing that matters the most...
ah! fed up!

but above all, i'm very pleased with what i've done,, well, i know the limit now...
results, is only numbers on papers..

dapat pointer rendah tak dpt first class degree, 
tak dapat first class degree payah nak posting
tak dapat posting, takde keje,
takde keje???

dunia, dunia....

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