Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Enemy Defeated!

kekadang rasa menyampah pun ade kat monyet yang tergantung kat situ..

choked,, nearly die just now, internet connection wasn't as good as before, i wonder if it is becoz it is getting old and weary.. i've lost it's memory card cap and maybe now it's payback time..

called Sir, nearly had him request for another token for me. i guess, today is just my luck~ ^^,

i enjoyed the Placement Test just now, though the exercise i did early in the morning isn't much of a help, i did it, alhamdulillah, though i wonder what place will i be placed and how much will i get but alhamdulillah, one test finished! two to go!

what is the placement test actually?
i wonder what is it, and how much can we rely of it to place ourself on what place, but i hope it's good...

one thing i laughed at about the acronym of the CPT..

CPT=Cendol Pulut Tapai.
 this one is nice, cold and very yummy..

CPT=Cambridge Placement Test
 this one is heart shocking, testing, and reliable of making one sweaty..

p/s: be good, coz life's good~

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