Saturday, January 12, 2013

presentation is important

last night was another session of cooking with my beloved sister...
it was great..

we had four cups of tutti frutti (my tongue tastes this better than Snogurt...) one each and we had a searching area session of here and there, up and down the town for my practicum-school-to-be.. well, frankly speaking, i'm really very excited for the practicum though i am currently planning nothing for it..not because i'm well prepared mentally, but because my sister and my brothers helped me to locate it again, showing the road that i probably think is okay to be used to and fro the days later...insyaAllah..

i hope i won't forget the route again..

i learnt a lot in the house accompanied by altogether 4 doctors and i praise Allah, alhamdulilah for giving me this chance and His blessings with them..

and during the cooking session, i learnt by experience, not by watching the TV cooking show that presentation is very important..though i used to take it lightly..for me, the presentation is not that important, it's the taste that is crucial to be justified in the cooking or any art of it..but now it has changed..PRESENTATION IS IMPORTANT!

tasty and plainly served fried rice...

 fresh but lousy salad

beautifully decorated fried rice

well-cut salad...

which do you prefer???

p/s: Do judge food from its look..kalau tak sebab ape makanan masak kat hotel ke, kat mana2 kedai mahal tu mahal?? sebab dia lawa~    rasa dia so2 je...

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