Friday, September 21, 2012

Pantai Irama..

i was there just now,,
and right now,,
here i am,
in the room,,

yeahoo!!i've never thought i'd be there,,,
in just that short time..
but that nick of time,,
i managed to recover..
i did retrieve my smile,,

i did a terrible mistake just now,
i left my keys on the bike,
lucky enuff for it not to be rode by sombedi else..

and,,it was peaceful,
though there was a lot of people,
but i love the sand, the smell of the wind, the beach,
the kids running by..

i hope i can be there again...
the food was quite good,
but the service was a lil bit late...
for sm1 as grumpy as me...

tomorrow's gonna be a trip day..
i hope i'll get through this..

p/s: healing...

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