Friday, July 6, 2012

see you when i see you..

rasa bernenek.

that was what i said to my friend when i went to see her grandma just now..
well, she said she's sick..
i admit seeing her not in a good condition too, but that is not what she showed us just now..
well, maybe i longed to have a grandma that i wish to have one this time...sharing others' grandma will be enuf i supposed..

the project left undone this week, will be postponed to next week i guess, hope to see the lecturer as soon as possible. i hope to finish studying the book this weekend but it seems that i'm a bit lost. those nearest to me went back home and it kinda igniting the fire of homsickness within..

well, i guess i have to train my heart not to be judgmental...
i don't know if they like it this way,
i don't know if they'll be hating me the other way round..
pretending not to know what to do is somehow a bad thing to do..

writing a lot, nothing to tell
reading a book of words sure shows you understand nothing..

seems that tomorrow, another promise is to be cancelled..

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