Friday, June 22, 2012


HI! i'm Madeline..

well,, suddenly all sorts of those olden days things starts stroking my brain, my heart and my soul like they did those days.. 

currently listening to Madeline's intro song, and the song she sang when she lost her dearest dog on the hot-air balloon.. oh... how i miss the series~

a precocious child she is..a dream child for every parents..quite a way-to-go girl for her teacher, a well-liked friend by her 2 straight-lines friends...

cartoons nowadays a lacking of the moral attributes and all it cares is the heroic plots, one which never ever could exists, the all  whatever ...MAN at the back of the titles like you know what, are polluting the children's mind nowadays, it happens intentionally but as the fame fumes the value away, none dares to stop it.

more and more exists, with more brilliant animations and when the technologies are being astoundingly  put as an effort to it, yeah, much are lacking (if you can notice) much to do and not a single step being carried out..

i agree with what this person said in the comment thread found in the Youtube.. 

Those are glories of the 80's and I my good sir are a child of the 90's early 2000's. And the animation then was awesome. instead of the oh so popular "flash animation" the "cheaper alternative". The 80's was hokey but still multi-generational because of it's heart something extremly lacking in cartoons today. And the fact there are so few left that even air seeing as saturday morning cartonns are nearly extinct. and cartoon network, my goodness.

care for a new version of Madeline??

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