Friday, May 11, 2012

what?! it's little!

enjoy every single little things..
this is what i've been saying since early in the morning today..
we have the right kan?

well, it is just that we chose to be not enjoying that little2 things which might surprisingly changed our view towards something..

what is that little2 things?
if i could say...

those playful kittens running on the corridors,
the cocoons and the newly hatched butterflies,
the birds that flew on pass by me on the way to the stall,
lintasan berkilat si lintah yang lalu atas simen....
and...everything....very little2 things yang nampak macam takde faedah pun untuk manusia berhenti sejenak,lihat, fikir dan kagumi kekuasaan Allah...

seems easy, nothing to brag about, worthless and what-so-ever..
but these little2 things can make us  me happy to the extend of even at some hardest moment i am facing...

siap ade quote lagi kan yang menyokong little2 things ni~ hehe

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