Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the wish of a witch

i don't want to be involved and yet i have...
i don't want to leave anybody and yet i have to..
i want to be happy.again.like i always do and yet there's too many things to ponder..

i want to be free from this problem and i regret of being involved..
everything have to be put to its end
but what is that 'everything'?
when everything is actually nothing,
you'll find the complexity of life..

if i could work out the words instead of all the smiles,
will it be understood??
i wish i could again,, smile and walk away
but i don't want to say goodbye..
if i could give it a try,
and take care of every things around me..
life could be better..
but should i?

when it comes to truth,,
people might die the most painful death...

now i wish i am really an evil witch....

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