Wednesday, February 8, 2012

it's price-less

now this note is being spent (take note if any grammatical error here) like it's just a 10 ringgit note!! i hate it when the money becomes very's very different when it's once called priceless..

any payments now have to be done in RM50, RM100, Rm 150 or even urgh,,,i dare not to write it here..why? why?? WHY????

i still remember those days when RM50 was considered as EXPENSIVE, highly valued and if it was meant for any payment, it's TOO MUCH! but, like i said, now that people is looking at RM10 maybe like just the value of RM1 and RM50 like,,maybe lesser than it is..

know what?

there's maybe one thing, that still make this note (RM50) as something still of its own value..which, i mean here is that, if one get a note of 50, h/she will be so rejoiced with a smile brighter than the sun.....and that is...

the beggars...

but i really wonder,,, is there anybody out there (which i mean here is that, someone who i can see with my own eyes, someone near to me) who are willing to give this 50 note to them??

even i myself haven't done it....NEVER..YET..

i wish this would come true...a day, maybe when i'm just too old to walk along the roadside, having to ride on my red fury, and strength to carry my own laptop, or any teeth to brush...those days when i'm old...and i hope it'll be sooner than these days....hopefully...

p/s: people, don't be too stingy..(an advise for myself)..and you too...

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