Sunday, October 2, 2011



okay,,i'm fond with the capital letters right now,,should i proceed my writing using the capital letters???
it's my blog,,so,,there's no permission needed for me to do anything as i desired...

but's it's okay,,,let us be normal..hehe

i've read an entry about this lovely gurl writing something about 'changing image'....for me,,it's not about attracting the males,,,it's also as to show the 'gurl-side' of urself...the post directly smashing right onto my face like a flash of lightning in a rainy's all true,,,not a single point missed...:(

here's the link..(hope u'll follow her,,she's a new blogger...with quite a great number of followers as a beginner..)

actually, i'm getting tired with the ppl out there saying that "you have a chinese look!" know why i don't really like it??

because of the eyes...i think,,i'm not that fair as a chinese,,,so,,that must be because of the eyes...i'm getting older now, tired of the 'campuran keturunan' thinggy...i am a pure blood Malay,,(do i have the right to say so??)

okay stop,,that's not the point...

the point is.......i'm thinking twice about the so-called ..''contact lens''...
ever seen Heliza Helmi's eyes?? they were so bright and beautiful right?? that's the effect of wearing that fake lense....

well,, my stand is that,,though i'm wearing the contact lenses or whatsoever thing that may change my eyes,,i'm still someone who is of those having the sight problem..or in a harsh word,,it's CACAT....i used to cry when my biology teacher used to explain about the short and long sightedness years before...

so,,i'd rather be my-self...the old me...the one wearing also to cover my 'chinese' eyes..

they are not this 'chinese' i think..hehe

so,,,kadang2 ade jugak ak terpikir,,pakai spek ni,,nmpk sket mcm educated..hehe,,walaupun childish,,tp,,bila pakai spek mmg nmpk mtg! hehe

tp,,yg ni mmg cun kan? that's because...she's not me...i wonder if i may look like this through the process of ageing..muahaha!!! FAKE!



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