Wednesday, July 13, 2011

punctuation sibling 1..

this is the comma..well,, it's one of the most famous members of the punctuation family, as in Malay, the name comma is known as; 'koma'..

'koma' in Malay language, if we are looking through the connotative meaning, means quite a something in the daily life..the situation which will be accompanied with a heart throbbing, the sorrow, the anxiousness and all sort of uneasy feelings jumbled up together. All these sensations are in the maximum level (if it can be 'ranked') when the one 'put' into the 'sleep' or unconsciousness is the one having a really close relationship with us.. um sure i'd rather not to spare more words on this..u readers can figure it out right???

some people are lucky enough when they can survive the critical moment of being in 'koma' while some are not that lucky when they go straight away to the place we dare not to imagine, the graveyard..:(

this indicates that??

...Allah still give those fortunate people the chance of repenting from all the sins done, every single of them and ask for forgiveness from long as the door of 'taubat' is still open,, do ask for forgiveness. It's not necessary for one to wait till he/she have done such a BIG sin, then only he/she wants to repent, even the small2 sins also, if we keep on doing it, will become as big as the BIG sins.. 'sikit2, lama2 jadi BUKIT!"

so,, peringatan buat diri yang alpa, hamba yang hina, dan pembaca yang dikasihi sekalian...
harapannya, walaupun dicoretkan peringatan ini dalam English, sampai maksudnya kepada kalian semua..:)

sekian,, assalamualaikum...

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