Friday, July 15, 2011


being alone is sometimes great to us.. for us to have some time for our own, think and reflect about everything we've done, planning for something great..and the most greatest among all is that, we've plenty of time with the creator.. Allah.. well,, maybe we didn't realise that He's serving us the 'loneliness' for Him to be with us, to hear us, to see us, and maybe, to 'talk' with us... who knows??

am i being lonely presently??


there's nobody i can talk to, rather than this laptop, the empty tv room in front of my room, the kittens which are nowhere to be seen this morning...the books for me to practise my monotonous reading..and every single thing which seems too boring for me.. well, i do have an assignment to do,, but as the librarian didn't allow me to borrow the children books yesterday, there's nothing i can do as a progress to the assignment given..:(

so what can i do??

anybody there with a brilliant idea of what can i do to cheer up my day today??

with that,, thanks for reading..

p/s: well, i take this as a blissful moment of my life despite the loneliness lingering around me..:)

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