Thursday, April 14, 2011

process of recovery...

ha,,,i'm feeling well..afta a long cold shower,,but haven't eat,,dem hungry!

afta this,,i'll be goin to Sate M'sia..for the JPPians dinner..
i'm wondering why did those two called me Kak Limah? do i look or sound or seem like one??
if so,, XIAO!

read a few articles about 'whitening teeth' and 'have we ever met the wrong people??'
seems like Allah is giving me indirect advise from the coincidence... now that i'm feeling better from just now,, i want to share sth..with those who still prefer to read this blog..

i am putting on weight... y?? am i too stressed that it turned out to be so??
my friends losing hers...y??is she giving her weight to me??


but,,maybe i should eat a lot now...and i mean my words here!
because if i eat a lot,, i'm not gaining weights.. hurm,,,am i right?? sort of..

tonite's gonna be the nite that i should go and celebrate the success of handing in the assignments! all of them,,not even one left..and,,i really hope nothin' is going to ruin the mood..NOTHING!

should i give my parents a call??
thinks so..



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