Friday, April 8, 2011

a present for the depressed..

when i'm feeling depressed and down, Allah always have something for me..
and now, i'm gonna write it here..

these few days were totally the most hectic days i've ever had.. usually,when it comes to people asking me to do any helping chores, i'd be glad to help but now? okay,,i agree that i'm not sincerely helping those in need just because i couldn't even help myself! i have a handful of assignments which need to be hand in this Sunday.. so,,i'm writing here just to ease of the boredom of doing the assignment and so that my brain could think of working on another sentence in the SBE report. Other people too are having their own hard days, so i think, i'm not alone....

i'd rather bang my head rather than holding it when i'm totally depressed.. but that is yet to happen..

feeling of crying? screaming?? laughing like hell?? oo yeah! but i turn all those negative ions to positive just by eating and practicing my MUET listening aspect.. well,, as a matter of fact, i'm at present, listening to a few English songs hoping that it would be a kind of training for me.. it's kind of interesting though, doing assignment while listening to music..

sound serious huh??

this isn't me,, but the way he enjoys the like i do.. haha

its not this that i'm going to share here... it's actually about my new friend by the name of Chaplin.. any ideas of what it is??

Charlie Chaplin

its a kitten!

i found her the moment i walked to the hostel yesterday..
the colour is black,,with small brown spots here and there..
it has a long uncurled tail,,
ever seen Charlie Chaplin?? reckon his short mustache??
well, my Chaplin has that too!

it makes her really special to me..
coz i'm depressed,, and sometimes,, i'd like to have something, probably a living thing but not a human to talk to..

i bathed her yesterday night.. it was Zety's fault that cause her to have that terrible night bathing!
of course a cat wouldn't love the sensation of having the shower cream on its body rite?!
so,, that's why i bathed her..
she was extremely dirty that the water running down her body was brownish!
i thought it was her blood! but no injuries were seen..

so now,, i have a new friend,, which i hope nobody would dare to take her away from this block..
i used to have Putih before,, but she's no longer here.. i missed her..

with that,, thanks a lot for reading..


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