Monday, April 18, 2011

One Evening..

Marxism criticism..
ebything's bout here, money there,,in and out,,ebything okay! and,,i just learnt that,,just a few minutes ago...thanks to Chee Pei..

and,,that's not the story here..
i am very frustrated the moment i entered the cafe just now, just afta finishing the "discussion" with that Leng Chai..presently, i was thinking to have Bihun goreng + telur dadar for my dinner,, i serik nak keluar harini..coz yesterday i spent almost 20 ringgit for FOOD!! see,, how fond i am towards FOOD?!

okay back to the story..
it was so frustrating when my request was turned down by the cafe people..the cute little cashier ofkos.. the reason??

BECAUSE THERE'S INSUFFICIENT ORDERS THAT THE CAFE RESOLVED NOT TO OPEN THE CAFE AT NITE! and i was like,,, HAMPEH! gile kau taknk bukak kafe sebab takde ramai orang nak order?! mcm la boleh bangkrut sebab org tak order? buke je la ape masalahnya?!
at least,,ade yang appreciative mcm aku n anis ni,, TAK HARGAI CUSTOMER LANGSUNG!

sorry forgot that this blog should be restricted to just ENGLISH posts..

and well,, i am terribly terrible is that??
the moment i entered my room,, i gobbled some food,, made a glass ov hot tea and finished my LiE task.. so,,its quite fascinating rite when i am angry?! haha..

waiting for ANis to finish her bureau meeting...
waiting for her to invite me to go out,,find sth to eat for dinner..


tonite's having a date with that lucky Chee to finish the LiE pair task..hmm.
that's what i called CAMPUS LIFE..

okay,,that's all for this gloomy windy evening...
thanks for reading..


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