Thursday, October 28, 2010

i Am NoT A ThAnKFul PerSon!

how hard could it be,,, in order to become a good and thankful person?
i realized the fact that i am not being thankful towards what have been given to me..

i am not a thankful person!

enough with that!

i had always been saying that "if i eat vegies, i'll die!" to show the exaggeration of how harmful the vegies could be to me.. am i a liar? YES! I AM!! how could i say so when it is not?! vegies never harmed me in any ways..NEVER! NOT EVEN ONCE! and yet, i still refused to eat vegetables because i simply hate the taste of the green thinggy, the leaves and the stems..the onions, OH GOSH!!

today,,i've learnt that,, someone,, out there....thanks to VEGIES,, that she could still manage to live in this world and that to,,once again,, THANKS TO THE VEGETABLES!!

know why?

because she can't eat protein...protein, as we all know,,comes from the fish, chicken, eggs and even milk.. but she,,,,,,,she couldn't eat those things because she suffers Celiac disease or...Crohn's disease..(a hereditary disease...).i dunno..i'm not the expert in the disease identification field...what a weirdo...but the fact is....

she can't have those proteins in her dietary and just can have the vegies for her entire living!!

meaning that,,,

if she eats protein,,,SHE'LL DIE!!

but I,, huh......

because i hate the taste of the vegies, i regarded them as being my dietary enemy which i dare not to eat........but if have the feeling of eating them, i would if i pleased...,,i have to disregard the vegies,, as my enemy,,try to eat them as they are very good for me,,for my growth, the vitamins it produced, and how it helped in the immnunity system,,,i've learnt all those,,but i...never practised them...what a waste!

that's all from this ungrateful person...
hope i'll change for the better.....
being moderate....balance in my dietary......oh GOSH,, when is it going to come true?? i wonder...

nani,,hwaiting!! see,,,there's no harm in vegies,,,don't be afraid,,,VEGIES NEVER KILL PEOPLE,,BUT PROTEIN DOES!!

hakuna matata....adios amigos....


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