Friday, October 15, 2010

Bits to Ponder....

why should we think of someone, as a weirdo??

it has been stated that the human are such a different creations of the brilliant Allah...subhanallah....therefore, nothing's weirdo about the human themselves, even the twins aren't of same the qualities...

why should we laugh of something, when there's nothing laughable there??

because we often tries to make someone pleased, rather than making them looked fool....right?

why should we be afraid of darkness???

we usually think, darkness held within it,, thousands of secrets,, bizarreness, and maybe ghosts, but.... darkness sometimes creates peace and calm....even to i myself.....i do afraid of darkness but,, when i'm in pain,,,its far better if i stay in a darker place.....

why should we hold our hunger when we really are hungry??

because, we tend to be soo lazy getting up,, finding food,,so,, it's better if we stay on the bed, devoured a deep sleep rather than eating...

why should we be angry of something that does not pissed us off??

sometimes, its just a norm for us to feel angry while others feel angry, rite?? if we are not angry,, therefore,, we are considered as an awkward person..but,, sometimes, we have to show that we are angry so that we won't be regarded as a emotionless person..

why must we make others embarrassed??

because, we like to see people with their blushing cheeks or teeth.. haha...nothing lar,, because, we tend to feel good by doing so,,, to cover up our shame too.. rite??? what an absurd feeling..

why must we talk in a lengthy phrase while we simply can justify it in a shorter ones??

xiao! because,, we want to buy their feelings,, the person we speak to...but do we know that,, in this world nowadays,, everything has to be in an express way..even in writing we have the short form or even the symbols rite?? oh gosh,, dunno what the love-to-talk people think bout dis..

why must we brag about ourselves???

because we want others to understand us,, not the other way round...because we want to be valued,, not to value.. am i right???

why must we feel tired when we are still in the very beginning of something???

because, we are such a loser that are afraid of the consequences,, the pros and the cons..we don have enough courage and strategies... that's why..

why must we always feel negative about ourselves??

we are the WINNER!! from thousands of sperms, the difficult ways,, the risks and lastly the though membrane of the ovum,, we are the one being brought to live!! so,, by hook or by crook,, even at the lowest point of life,, we still are the winner,, right??? live the life to the fullest yar!!

why must we let our heart grow for the creations instead of Allah,, the creator??

because, we are human, we are the one controlling our heart but it is affected by many factors.....the lust, the norm and even the environment itself... so,,, take care of ur heart...

i'm done with this.. hope u enjoy.. worries..

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